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Just listing it up

Can't believe Harry Potter has ended. I've been reading since I was in junior high. Hated the Harry/Ginny(aka Mary Sue) pairing that's why I didn't really enjoy the last chapter, but the rest of the book was pretty enjoyable. If I could just snatch the book from my mom and reread it again, maybe I'll like it even more ;)

1. Touka Gekkan - just something to past time. Not really interested with the story or the characters. Watching it in Niconico Douga(with the comments reacting to the show) makes it enjoyable, so maybe that's why I'm watching.

2. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - favorite anime that is currently airing right now. So funny! And Itoshiki-sensei is cute XD

3. Lucky☆Star - to past time again. It just got boring lately. Watching it just for the sake of it. Last episode's ending made me laugh though.

4. Code Geass. Lelouch of the Rebellion - the anime that is top in my obsession right now. Can't wait for eppy 24 and 25! And the Picture Dramas and the Drama CDs! I'd pay to be able to watch the second season! (if it's going to make Code Geass better, I don't mind waiting while they make it though :) But at least, not next year's spring...I have to hunt for a job ;_; ) Millay's and Lelouch's Drama CD cover was so pretty (and kinda sad, when you think that that cover was a picture of what should have happened if Marriane wasn't killed, Lelouch is still in Britannia as a prince, the Ashfords powerful, and Millay is still his fiancee)! Which led me to wish that the second season will be Lelouch going back to Britannia and wearing those kind of clothes more often ^^ But then, Lulu will not be a very happy Brittanian boy ^^;

Dropped Emma and Romeo X Juliet. Might watch Emma in the near future, but heh, not sure.

Cleaned up my room and my mountains of books, mangas, and doujinshi. I need more space! >_<