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Life goes on

I'm leaving the university that I spent a year as an exchange and going back to my old one. It's my last night right now, and it's kinda sad, but life as an otaku must go on XD I'm going to miss my super high-speed internet access, but my parents apparently upgraded our internet connection this month. HURRAY!

Anyway, my current watchlist

1. Romeo x Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are just a good couple XD There are some plot holes in the story here and there already, but I heard that the anime company that  makes the series are known for plot holes.  There not that HUGE plot holes that really bug me, so I'm ok.  The last scene in Episode 4 had me hook to watch the series until the end anyway ^^ There's this big debate in the forums about how the couple's fate should be in the end. Since I really don't have much care for Shakesphere, I don't mind them changing the ending for the couple (happy ending please? >_< ). However, I think they'll take the middle road and make the ending blurry, so it's up to the audience to speculate from the events and hints if Romeo and Juliet died/lived/seperated/etc. We'll see.

2. Touka Gettan
I'm watching it for the visual arts and curiousity about the main couple, Momoka and Touka (they look cute >_< ). I starting to get a gist of what the whole thing is about, but I really don't mind not understanding everything.

3. Lucky Star
Akira-samaaaaaaaa! While I also like the main story (Konata and Kagami's conversation everytime are hilarious), the part that really hooked me to addiction is Lucky Channel. I'm just so full of awe for the VA of Akira. Also surprising to learn that her normal voice is actually when Akira is being in her sweet idol side. Just love everything about Lucky Channel, and it seems like a lot of Japanese fans agree with me, because many of them describe Lucky Channel as actually the main part of the show XD The radio show of Lucky Channel is not as good as the TV show, since it's not as scripted, but it's also funny. If I have to vote for Saimoe Tournament this year, it will be for Akira-sama ^^

4. Victorian Romance Emma
Hmmm, I didn't watch the latest episode 3 even when it's up on the internet. Doesn't mean I've given up on it, it's just I decided to not watch it until the part when Emma and William meet again. Sorry Eleanor, she was ok in the manga, but she is getting on my nerves in the anime. I hope that the anime ends in a much more satisfying way than the manga, which really left me wanting for more in a bad way (not that bad as in I don't want to read it again, but I felt it left some problems not really solved). There's a lot of complaints about the original parts in the anime, but hmmm, I'm still enjoying the show even after I already read the manga. Can't wait for the part when the two lovers meet again!
Well, that's it. I can't type any longer, I'm kinda of drunk tonight. See you guys next time from the other side of the world!


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Jul. 29th, 2007 10:17 am (UTC)
*random comment*

I LOVE. Victorian Romance Emma. I love it. Maybe it's because I'm one of those girls who love the sappy romance stories.

Anyways, it made me cry a bit, so I'm satisfied. xDDD
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