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Emma Season 2 Episode 1

Kyaaaa! Just saw the first episode of Emma!

Love, love, love it! Emma and William is still far away from each other (and it seems that it will stay that way next eppy too), but I love the same old feeling mixed new ones as the stage moves to a much larger mansion with more characters and a new master for Emma. Hans...err, he needs to talk more before I could decide if I like him or not. That girl who's in love with William (can't remember name) is going to get more active in her pursuit of her love, now that she knows William was in love with somebody else and that girl is away from London. Heard from those who read the comics that, while the basic parts are the same, the scenes are done very differently. Hmmm, hope the anime continues to be this great, so I could get two version of Emmas that are of superb quality ^^

This season, I'm watching Romeo x Juliet, Emma, and Touka Gekkan (eppy 3 was 0_0). I found out that I could try new anime by watching their OPs first (someone has put all the OPs of the new animes this season in one video. Really convenient). That's how I found Touka Gekkan. I'm not watching it for its story though (aside from Touka, Momoka, Kikyou, and Nene, I'm not even trying to understand who's who to what's what), I'm watching it for the art, the feeling, the cuteness of the main couple, and one of the most enticing OP I've ever seen (that one falling-from-above-and-kissing scene at the end of the OP hooked this otaku to watch until the end of the series).
Anyway, back to paper (deadline in less than 12 hours >_<) and squeeing over the new Emma! Kyaaaa!