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There's two episodes (24 and 25) left though but I just finished watching all the eppys that are out there.

Oh Shit. Oh shit shit shit.

Ok, I'm buying the DVDs that's for sure. This series is like the BEST thing ever. Even the evil cliffhanger at the end of ep 23 is like OMG!
But heh, some random thoughts

1. V.V.'s voice...orz

2. Ohayo gozaimashita...LOL. I'm so sure the animators did this purposely for 2ch. Orange-kun+so random way of reappearing+Ohayo gozaimashita = LOLZ

3. Euphie!!! T_T I really like her even if I didn't agree with her rather naive plans but at least she was consistent and I actually could understand where she's coming from compared to Suzaku. Suzaku keeps saying all those beautiful words but actually doing the opposite. He's a soldier and killing for Britannia, where's the peace that he's talking about in that?! Euphemia, on the other hand, actually did something that could have really worked realistically for what she believes in. She even gave up her right to the throne, while Suzaku is just talking about changing Britannia by following orders. Funny thing is he got caught TWICE by the military he's serving. God, I hoped it was Suzaku that died instead.

4. But...hmmm, I really don't hate Suzaku that much. *sigh* Maybe it's because he's so cute and handsome in uniform. Or maybe because I'm also thinking that this is not going to be the end for Suzaku's development as a character. It feels like Suzaku was in the first stages of development (yeah I know, even after constantly irritating us for 23 episodes), and now that Euphie is dead and he couldn't side with the Japanese or go back to Britannia (Euphie is no longer there to support his position), he'll have to have major change in his character to stay in the main plot. Maybe all of what happened will be the switch to turn Suzaku from a blabbering poet of peace to a fighter that is actually doing what he's being talking about. Just do not be a simpleton talking fool, Suzaku! You're too cute for that!...I'll be quite disappointed if you just turn into a monster seeking revenge on Zero though, after all the long talk of peace and not wanting to kill people. I guess I should trust Sunrise for a more interesting character setting for Suzaku until then.

5. Nunnaly likes Suzaku!!! Why couldn't Suzaku just like Nunnaly back and it would be much more simple! Euphie is indeed likeable though...but now, Euphie's gone, can he switch to Nunnaly? Err, no? *sigh* Lelouch's reaction was kind of adorable when he realized his sister's feelings. He really loves his little sister, siscon dakedo .

6. I tend to not care about couples aside from the main one (hmmm, who's the main couple here though? :D), but Lloyd and Millay looks like they're going to be an interesting couple. I just hope Millay stop being shy/forlorn around her fiance (even though she likes Lelouch), and the two of them start their antics together. They're the funniest characters in the story and it will be a huge riot if the two of them team up!

7. Nina. Creeps. Me. Out. End of story. (Though I wonder what she thinks of Suzaku)

8. Hope there's more of that second prince (although, I don't know but he's kind of creepy. As in pervert creepy)and the other princes and princesses. And the whole Britannia Royal Family and stuff. Heck, I can't wait what will happen when Britannia and the whole world learns about the fallen but still very much alive and kicking and very cunning 11th Britannian prince. AHHHH, can't wait for more Code Geass!

9. Alarm signals for Ougi! He's going to cause trouble for the Order of the Black Knights.

10. Oh no! My Lulu ;_; I hope he finds a way to not keep his right eye covered...or at least his face. Such a waste of good looks. But that tear in ep 22...Lulu-chan is hurting so much >_< I just hope he doesn't or nothing happens to separate him from at least his sister (it's going to be impossible for him to enjoy his life in school after this). She's everything for him.

11. Change the 2nd Opening. I never fastforward with the 1st OP and ED, and I also love the 2nd ED. But the 2nd OP is like WHA-?

12. Wonder what will happen with USJ, Universal Studio Japan United States of Japan. Will Zero head it? He's more interested in destroying Britannia than staying in Japan and being it's leader after all.

13. C.C...I don't understand her. I still think she's sincerely on Lelouch's side, but all her talks with the unknown, which one of them is Marianne. And the Emperor is also talking to somebody. Maybe...everything is actually part of the Emperor's plans? And Lelouch is actually just acting according to his father's wishes (fighting his brothers and sisters and move towards the top for the throne)? And then,  Marianne's "death" is all a part of Lelouch's path towards his father? Hoho, if that's the case ( or even near it), it will be very very interesting how everything will go.

14....Is it Summer yet?

Now, that I've seen everything, I'll go back from this crazy addicted (well not as much as Nina) anime otaku to my peaceful life as a college student

...but there's forums to talk about Lulu, or those countless Code Geass fanfics waiting to be read...