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Never dreamed a day...

Before this week, I've been avoiding anime or stories with robots because I prefer romance stories all in all, and I don't think mecha has them.

But, thanks to a music vid in Youtube, I got interested with Code Geass. Now that interest is fast becoming a new obsession >_< (Well, it didn't hurt that the characters were made by Clamp and appealed to my shojo taste, and that the vid had included a kissing scene :3). I love the story, the setting(!!!), the characters (<3 Lulu as the fallen dark prince ^^), and the music too! Now, since I'm a big sucker for pairings and romance, I've been watching the episodes and thinking over which pairing to support. The female characters are generally ok, but not one of them seems to fit sexy yummy Lulu for me. I'm thinking of Suzaku XD and Lelouch and pairing them up, which is like OMG perfect! White knight and black prince? Best friends but sworn enemies? And their looks compliment each other. Their relationship is just so ripe for shipping ; D Problem is who should be the seme and uke? From my past favorite pairings, I tend to choose the dark one as the seme and the light one as the uke, but hmmm, Suzaku (and his butt when in uniform) is just tooooo hot to be the submissive type. I'm not comfortable with reverse, but this is hard so let's see. Lulu is dark, sexy, genius, and cruel but his past and his relationship with his sister makes him softer for me, and he has a cute side to him too. Suzaku's eyes, his posture, and his rising to power also screams Seme! to me so I can't think of him as uke right now. He's also hot when he has the top of his uniform unzipped...: )

So, yeah, maybe I'll be going to the Suzalulu camp, which is a pretty much new area for me, so I guess I need time to adjust to the thought of the dark sexy one being under ^^;. It will all depend on the next episodes and my imagination.

Gaaaah, I'm taking the series a few episode at a time >_< Then I'll watch it all at once when the first season is done. Until then I'm looking at spoilers ^^ Can't wait to see them when I get to the episodes.

Hmm, never knew that I'm missing so much great anime with superb characters and plot with my prejudice about some genres in anime. Maybe I should try the biggest anime last year, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi? The character design and plot doesn't interest me though...

Anyway, reviewing my anime watch list
1. Victorian Romance Emma 2.
Just saw the promotion video for this, and hmmm, it didn't show a lot, but I'm loving William's parts <3 Oh, he's still so in love...^^
2. Saiunkoku Monogatari
I was watching this series back to back with Code Geass, but er, I just hope there's more to the story. While the Shuurei's success story is interesting and all, she's becoming too annoying for me. Maybe I just don't like it that she's just too perfect (Mary Sue, anyone?), everyone just likes her, and she's too much involve with her work than her relationships with Ryuuki and Seiran. The whole series is being too textbook-y for me right now. I want more romance and story development!
3. Romeo x Juliet
Not hearing anything new about this...
4. Code Geass
For some reason, I thought this series ended last year, so I thought the second season is going to be from April. But oh well, since this is a fairly new anime, the fandom will be active so there will be doujinshi and English and Japanese fanfics to look forward until Lulu's return ^^ (I got hooked into the Akihika pairing from Hikaru no go when the series ended already two years before, so while it was still fairly active then, I could just imagine it must have been more active before I came). I'm so happy I came across this anime *sigh of happiness*

Since I've already seen quite a lot of anime for my standards, maybe I should slow down...I'm in college after all ^^; I've got the feeling it would be impossible to tear me away from my new obsession though. We'll see.