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That's it. I need a list!

Ok. Ever since I've been watching and looking for anime online to watch, my manga wish list is just getting longer. I have to list them now before I forget about them 2 months later when I go back to Japan.

Must have:
1. Victorian Romance Emma
So so can't wait for Season 2! And why isn't there a HUGE fandom for this?This is one of the best romance series out there!
2. Shinshi Doumei Cross
I just found out about this today, and I'm liking the story setting already. The sneak peak manga pages that are posted on the official site has me squeeing! Omg, kiss and shock looks!
The rest of Ouran High School Host Club
I think I kind of stopped buying after volume 6...no, maybe 7? Don't really remember but I knew I was getting bored by then, that's why I didn't bother checking what volume I had everytime I saw a new one at the bookstore...But the anime is my favorite and even after watching it for 101th times, it's still hilarious and pure fun every single time. I hope they make a second season for this, but until then, I'll be reading the manga ^^
The rest of Full Metal Alchemist
The only manga series that I don't have and need any preferred couple to be a fangirl. Still interested in the story, and I think I only needed one more volume to complete the series. Gotta have to force my uncle to give me back this series when I go home though.

Might have:
1. Nodame Cantabile
Err, I didn't like the first volume when I looked it up before. But I love the drama, especially Chiaki-sama <3. We'll see if the romance in the story could make me a fangirl and manage to make me poor again.
2. Hana yori dango
Problem: too many volumes. I'll be broke just buying the whole series.
3. Card Captor Sakura
I love the anime, but I was kind of disappointed with Sakura's love interest Shaoran. He needs to be more kakkoi and I'm liking Eriol better because he's cute, dark, a heck of a lot more powerful, and has a cooler character setting. It's also not helping Shaoran that his rival has two funny and adorable sidekicks. So I hope his manga counterpart is better. I also like the manga plot about Sakura's father and Eriol when I heard about it. But Yue/Yukito is more than perfect in the anime, especially with Ogata Megumi's voice. I can't imagine how Clamp could make him more yummy.
The rest of His and Her Circumstances
Last time I checked, they had a lot of the whole volumes in Book-off, so we'll see.
5. Romeo x Juliet
I'm interested in the new anime with the same title starting next month. The setting is totally different from the original story, aside from setting of the two lovers being from two families that are enemies to each other. Might wait until I know how the anime will turn out, before I seriously consider looking at the manga (since it's going to start publishing in Azuka magazine this month). I know how the original story goes and that it is one of the most famous stories ever, so yeah, big chance it will end the same way as the original...but I'm a sucker for happy endings ;_; Please don't kill me.
6. Ashita no Nadja
My bad in checking Wikipedia and spoiling myself with the ending. Not really interested in seeing the whole anime -_-, but gradually I will watch it. Will check the manga (...bets are on whether I'm going to be checking the last volume first >_<).

Funny that when I was in Japan, I didn't know what I wanted and just after more than half a year abroad, I have this wonderful (although scary-for-my-purse) loooong list of manga to check. I think it might even get longer. I should get out of the country more, I guess.

Anyway, I need a new manga bookshelf. And money. Lots of it.