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...I think this is one of the circumstances in which I want to delete a memory of my past.

Can I delete my old LJ diaries? No? God, they reek of too much otaku-ness. I...think I'm done with that phase.

Anyway, wants an English blog (I have another Japanese one), so decided to revamp this place.

...not something to be done at 3 am.

Just listing it up

Can't believe Harry Potter has ended. I've been reading since I was in junior high. Hated the Harry/Ginny(aka Mary Sue) pairing that's why I didn't really enjoy the last chapter, but the rest of the book was pretty enjoyable. If I could just snatch the book from my mom and reread it again, maybe I'll like it even more ;)

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Cleaned up my room and my mountains of books, mangas, and doujinshi. I need more space! >_<

Life goes on

I'm leaving the university that I spent a year as an exchange and going back to my old one. It's my last night right now, and it's kinda sad, but life as an otaku must go on XD I'm going to miss my super high-speed internet access, but my parents apparently upgraded our internet connection this month. HURRAY!

Anyway, my current watchlist

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Well, that's it. I can't type any longer, I'm kinda of drunk tonight. See you guys next time from the other side of the world!

Emma Season 2 Episode 1

Kyaaaa! Just saw the first episode of Emma!

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Anyway, back to paper (deadline in less than 12 hours >_<) and squeeing over the new Emma! Kyaaaa!
There's two episodes (24 and 25) left though but I just finished watching all the eppys that are out there.

Oh Shit. Oh shit shit shit.

Ok, I'm buying the DVDs that's for sure. This series is like the BEST thing ever. Even the evil cliffhanger at the end of ep 23 is like OMG!
But heh, some random thoughts

Now, that I've seen everything, I'll go back from this crazy addicted (well not as much as Nina) anime otaku to my peaceful life as a college student

...but there's forums to talk about Lulu, or those countless Code Geass fanfics waiting to be read...


Never dreamed a day...

Before this week, I've been avoiding anime or stories with robots because I prefer romance stories all in all, and I don't think mecha has them.

Since I've already seen quite a lot of anime for my standards, maybe I should slow down...I'm in college after all ^^; I've got the feeling it would be impossible to tear me away from my new obsession though. We'll see.

Another list

Ok, I'm finding new animes that I need to look out from April. And I wasn't even watching anime before (it was dramas and I just learned that animes have seasons too just like dramas)! Not at least this many at the same time and not because I liked the manga!

Expect this list to grow longer. I found two series that I want to see in two days in a row!

1. Victorian Romance Emma 2
2. Romeo x Juliet
3. Saiunkoku Monogatari 2
4. Code Geass (maybe?)

1 and 3 are because of crunchyroll and because I liked what I saw in their season 1. 2 because the story setting and the characters intrigued me. 4...I saw a music vid on Youtube and I'm thinking of watching the first season in crunchyroll (if it has a second season, it must be good, no?).

God, this makes me want to go back home!


That's it. I need a list!

Ok. Ever since I've been watching and looking for anime online to watch, my manga wish list is just getting longer. I have to list them now before I forget about them 2 months later when I go back to Japan.

Funny that when I was in Japan, I didn't know what I wanted and just after more than half a year abroad, I have this wonderful (although scary-for-my-purse) loooong list of manga to check. I think it might even get longer. I should get out of the country more, I guess.

Anyway, I need a new manga bookshelf. And money. Lots of it.

Otaku Talk: Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo

Hmm, since stumbling on the best and worst site on the internet, crunchyroll.com, I've been spending my entire time watching and re-watching old and new anime. I've found my new love, Victorian Romance Emma, all because of this site, and it also helped me remember my old favorites and my thoughts about them. When I watch an anime or read a manga series, I find it hard to read it lightly. If it doesn't hook me to serious fangirl status, I tend to find it boring and forget all about it. Kind of unhealthy (and scary?), I know, but that's also how I make my purse and my fangirl side happy at the same time. That's why, while I like to read manga and watch anime, I only know a few and prefer to keep my interests around that very few. Today's post will be Karekano, an old favorite of mine, but at the same time, a disappointment for me. Many people might think that I should be reading mangas more lightly and in a more positive attitude, but as I already explained, I find it hard to do so ^^

Me, complaining about stuff again. It seems that I like to depress myself when I should be enjoying manga moreCollapse )

Ok, it is becoming too depressing, but I guess that how it happens when I'm given a space to write thoughts that I had passion with. I'm still going to keep the manga since isn't that bad compared to many others, but once I'm back in Japan, I'll maybe read the rest in Book-off (a huge chain book store that sell used books, mangas, CDs, and other kinds of media. A paradise for the poor otakus in Japan since they let you read it for free and buy it in a very cheap price, when ordinary bookstores have the brand-new  mangas covered in plastic). Speaking of Book-off, I'll have to list down the new mangas that I want to check. I'll surely get Emma (which I can't wait!), then check Nodame Cantabile and Card Captor Sakura. Hope that the CCS manga is better than the anime because I found myself cheering for Eriol than for Shaoran both as a love interest to Sakura and simply as a character in the anime. Or maybe it's just because I like dark characters with a cool and interesting side to their characterization more ^^;